How to Have Healthy Skin for Maturing Adults.

Aging, stress, the environment can take its toll on skin as we age, however, there are ways to slow down and defy visible signs of aging skin.

I’ll admit I’ve been blessed with baby smooth soft skin thanks to my ancestry and the fact that I truly take care of it every single day.
I started my skin care regime when I was 12 years old and I’ll share some tips to defy the signs of maturing skin, such as, dry, flaky, creping, blotchiness, dullness, larger pores, and one of the most common; wrinkles.

Even though no one gets away without having any signs of maturing, it’s never too late to slow it down and in some cases, put it in reverse and have that prized healthy vibrant glowing skin.

Tip #1   Ready, Get-Set, Go Get Sweaty!


Toxins are abundant in our environment and have a several routes that find their way into our bodies. Where do I begin with toxins??? There is a vast amount of toxins people are exposed to on a daily basis, things we can’t see.


Air and water pollution, industrial waste, chemicals and pesticides, smoke and ash from forest fires, heavy metals from man-made and natural sources, bacterial and viral diseases, drugs and alcohol…and the list goes on.


We often don’t think of how pollution from hundreds or thousands of miles away can harm us by leaching into our food and water sources too.

For example, the emissions from China’s coal plants float into the air and drift thousands of miles above the ocean and when it lands in the ocean or in freshwater ways it gets transformed into methyl-mercury.
The bacteria in the water absorbs the methyl mercury and then plankton feed on the bacteria, small fish then eat the plankton, leading to larger fish eating smaller fish and those fish wind up on your plate, tainting you with mercury poisoning.

There’s more about that and how I survived mercury poisoning in my book Rising Above Mercury.


To have healthier skin, getting rid of toxins is key for the body to function properly and get the glow back.

Most people know one of the best ways to sweat out toxins is to exercise. Burn, baby burn, sweat it out! Get outside or to the gym.


But what if getting outside or going to the gym isn’t an option?

Perhaps you live in a climate when several months out of the year it’s brutally cold and there’s several feet of snow outside your door, or it’s miserably hot and humid no matter what time of day it is.


Consider this, an indoor sauna.

If you can’t afford or don’t have the space to build a permanent sauna, not to worry, there are convenient, inexpensive, and portable infrared on the market. I paid about $200 for my portable infrared sauna.


I bought my portable infrared sauna after I discovered I had heavy metal poisoning again. Not only did it assist me in riding the toxins trapped in my body but it’s helped with my tired, sore muscles and leaves me feeling fresh and clean after use.


It arrived in a surprisingly small box and was super easy to assemble, kind of like a pop up tent but much easier. It came with a foot warmer and a chair too so you don’t need to worry about what to sit on.


There’s so much to love about this product as it takes up a small amount of space, heats up in minutes, doesn’t use excessive electricity, and it’s portable! Best of all, you’ll get a great detox out of it and your skin will be renewed.

Order it online and it can be delivered to your doorstep in a few days.



Tip #2  Exfoliate to Shine On


Japanese women are known for their beautiful translucent complexions. It wasn’t until I went to Japan that I learned one of the secrets to sensational soft skin.


Here’s what I learned from the women of Japan.


I went to a private club in Tokyo where I discovered their secret and it changed my self-care skin routine forever.


Upon arrival, I removed my shoes as its customary in Japan to NEVER EVER wear shoes indoors of a home or other higher end establishment. On one occasion, I had absent mindedly forgotten to remove my shoes and the attendant came running after me to remind me to tell me. I was very embarrassed and apologized profusely. I’d made sure I never did it again.


I stored my clothing in the locker room and proceed to the wet room area. The first time I was there I had carefully observed, without being too obvious, how the women went about their ritual and then followed suite.


The ritual started with placing a plastic step stool in front of the first available faucet that jetted out of the wall and only a foot or two from the floor. There I sat naked, with the exception of a small towel wrapped around my waist.


Next, using an exfoliating cloth I scrubbed my body completely, head to toe. And then turned on the faucet and rinsed.


From that point, I dipped into a warm water pool and soaked for several minutes. Next, I very quickly dipped into a place not for relaxing, the cold-water pool, but it was necessary as it closes the pores of the skin.


The sauna came next in this methodical ritual and then it started all over again.


Scrub. Rinse. Soak. Sauna. Repeat.


After I had finished a few rounds of ritual I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. It was amazing how good I felt after washing away and cleansing from all the toxins, feeling squeaky clean. So good I went everyday afterwards until I flew back to Hawaii.


I’ve continued to use my exfoliating cloth every single day since as it has replaced the wash cloth.  It’s easy to toss it in a ziplock bag when I travel.


It removes dull, dry, flaky skin while stimulating blood circulation to leave skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple.


Try it for yourself.



Tip #3 MOIST-Ur-Iz-Me!

There’s more to just using lotion to keep your skin moisturized.

It’s how and when to use it.

Growing up in the Midwest with the dryness of the winter months sucking out all the moisture from my skin, I learned early on how to optimize, restore, and retain moisture in skin.


Now, decades later, it’s paid off.


It’s really quite simple yet so many people don’t do it.


Here’s how:


1. After using the exfoliating cloth in the shower and your skin is smooth and supple, dry off the excess water from your body.


2. Immediately moisturize eyes, face and neck with your favorite cruelty-free/not tested on animals, moisturizers. Yes, cruelty free cause it’s time we take responsibility to be humane to animals as much as possible.

There are many products on the market that are now truly cruelty- free. Many people don’t realize there are countries like China which REQUIRE products to be tested on animals. If a company claims to be cruelty-free yet sells their product in those countries they are not truly cruelty-free. Here’s a link to the list of counties

Please buy responsibly whenever possible.


3. Next, use a moisturizer over your entire body. Yes, everywhere! I start from my feet and legs, then my arms, chest and neck, abdomen then around to my backside and back.


Follow those steps each time after you shower and you’ll see a difference immediately.

 Try it, your skin will love you!



Tip #4  Hydration – Filler up! Glug, Glug!


You’ve reached the final part of the Self-Care for Sensational Soft Skin Series!

I’m going to share a test and tip for hydration.


Here’s one of the most important keys to having healthy skin, it’s water! Hydration!


The skin is the largest organ of the body.

Your body is comprised of about 70% water.

You need to keep the body hydrated to optimize all the cells, muscles, nerves, brain, etc. for the body to function properly.


Drinking 64 ounces of straight plain water (nothing added, not coffee, tea, energy drinks, etc.) daily is ideal to keep your skin healthy.


Dehydration means there is the lack of water and if that happens it can cause many health problems.


Symptoms of dehydration usually aren’t noticed until long after the dehydration has begun. I’ll go into more about how dehydration and preventing leg cramps in a later article but for now,

the symptoms that show up in your skin is dryness, wrinkles, flakiness, dullness, lack of tone.


Here’s a simple test to determine if you may be hydrated or dehydrated.


  1. Gently pull on the skin of the topside of your hand and then let go.


  1. Watch how your skin reacts.

If your skin springs back into place, that’s a good sign and it means you’re probably well hydrated.


However, if it stays up or slowly goes back into place that’s not a good sign, I suggest to hydrate.




Make it a habit to carry an environmentally friendly water bottle with you throughout the day and be sure to drink straight plain water from it throughout your day and evening.


Depending on the size, if it holds 20 oz. be sure to drink and refill it three times a day.


It may feel like a lot in the beginning but the longer you practice this habit the more you’ll want to drink water.



Even though no one gets away without having any signs of maturing, it’s never too late to slow it down and in some cases, put it in reverse and have that prized healthy vibrant glowing skin.



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