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Nancy is passionate about helping people to be their best and live life to the fullest. Her background in the healing arts led her to become a licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and an Advanced BWRT- BrainWorking Recursive Therapy – practitioner.

She is an avid animal and environmental advocate with a thirst for knowledge and zest for adventure.

Anyone who knows Nancy will agree she doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet.  She’s lived in six states throughout the USA and has traveled to over 22 countries to date, leaving people to wonder, where in the world is Nancy now?

There’s more…

Born in Wisconsin, one of nine children, Nancy’s childhood was challenged with many obstacles and experiences which gave her the skills to survive what life had in store for her. Her life has been a roller coaster filled with great highs and serious lows with the odds stacked against her. Yet, somehow, she’s managed to keep rising above it and remain resilient.

During her early adulthood, Nancy faced an undiagnosed illness for over twelve years which caused her to be wheelchair bound and told by doctors ‘it was all in her head’. She refused to believe it and went on to find the correct diagnosis – mercury poisoning.

Recently, Nancy faced another grueling trial of heavy metal poisoning during the months of the Covid pandemic. Luckily, she had supportive doctors and it was quickly diagnosed. She has since discovered the underlying cause of her challenges with heavy metals and other toxicities, revealing it as a rare disease called, Mitochondrial Disease. She feels very fortunate to have had the support and wisdom of the medical professionals who have helped her, as well as, from friends and family. Currently, she has made great strides to recover and heal after such an ordeal.

These surmounting experiences led Nancy on a journey to inspire and help others to overcome their own adversities.

She became an author of her own books, ‘Rising Above Mercury’ and ‘Rising Above It! 25 Solid Strategies to Prosper in Adversity’. In addition, she was published in two anthology books, a best seller-‘The Queens Legacy’, and ‘Thank God I…volume 3’

After hitting the best-selling author status, Nancy went on to create the ‘Rising Above It! Personal Development Audio’ series.

She didn’t stop there, next she went on to produce and host her own TV show, ‘Rising Above It!’ in which she interviewed various guests from local healers to celebrity rock star, John Kay of Steppenwolf. Episodes can be viewed on the Nancy Seagal YouTube Channel.

Nancy’s now ready to regain living life to the fullest, blogging to inspire others and share her knowledgeable insight on health and wellness, and travel adventures.



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